York House was built in the 1780s in an ornate Georgian style. It was originally built as the family residence of Jean de Ponthieu after whom Deponthieu Street, immediately West of the site, is named. For centuries, this was the most prominent civil building in Grenada, and it is considered an architectural gem which enhances the character of Church Street in St George’s, and our capital city as a whole.

At one time, York House was used for concerts, speech nights and grand balls. Visiting musical artists would perform there, and the St Joseph’s Convent Annual operettas were held there and eagerly awaited. York House was also where public meetings were held.

Severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan and never restored, the building continues to decline. The Foundation is seeking the help of Grenadians at home and in the Diaspora to raise funds for its RESTORATION, which is estimated at EC$5.26 million (US$2.0 million). You can donate here.

All funds donated will be acknowledged in writing and kept in a special TRUST FUND in Grenada, to be managed by the Foundation in continuing partnership, support and co-operation with the Government of Grenada.