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Coastal communities the world over are under threat from global warming and rising sea levels and the same is true for St. George’s. This is particularly relevant for the Carenage. The harbor is defined by its sea wall and relationship to the sea. By 2050, just about thirty years from now, conservative scientific models predict a sea level rise of between 0.15cm and 0.25cm. Preparing from now by raising the sea wall to act as a buffer against storm surge while contributing to the aesthetics of the area by creating a boardwalk quay is imperative to the future viability of the Carenage and you can see the plans the Willie Redhead Foundation is proposing. But creating a climate resilient capital will also require the upgrading and conservation of the entire city of St. George’s to make it a greener, friendlier, more comfortable place for people and strengthen its capacity to bounce back in the event of natural disasters.

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