On a late Spring evening on Saturday May 14, 2022, the bell was rung, signaling the date for the next general election carded for June 23rd, 2022 almost one year ahead of the constitutional 5 year term-ending in March/April 2023.

One has to conclude that the prime minister is of the view that an early election at this time is in the NNP favour for winning.  This may be so for his supporters, but is completely different for the majority of Grenadians who are experiencing the “wind of change”, after the last decade (10 years) of deception, lies, secret deals in “giving” away our prime assets (our lands) to foreigners, mainly to build 5 star hotels (concrete & steel) to provide temporary low paying jobs to construction workers for the benefit of foreigners, while Grenadians wallow in poverty and hopelessness.

These foreigners or NNP developers, on completion of their building projects then hire maids, cleaners and gardeners to run the facility under highly paid foreign managers who export their earnings and profits to their country of origin-after ravaging our pristine environment for which Grenada is blessed, but is gradually losing due to the connivance of the Ministry of the Environment and the Planning Authority.

And this is not all: How about our democratic institutions? The hijacking of the Public Service Commission, the tampering with the electoral process, the staffing of Statutory Bodies-not with competent Grenadians, but with NNP Sycophants – the Physical Planning Authority and the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) are good examples, while more and more Grenadians are gravitating into abject poverty – with an unemployment estimated at 40% of the population at last count, while they await on the weekly/fortnightly $50. Envelope for survival.  Is this an acceptable standard of living in the 3rd decade of the 21st century in “Pure Grenada”?

It would be interesting to know what is the reaction of the teachers, public servants and other government employees on an early election, while still awaiting the government response/proposal to the payment of gratuity and pension as per the court ruling.  Let it be written that the NNP government does not have any respect or regard for the dignity of labour.  It has a neo-colononist disposition to the working class – an attitude of “be grateful for what you are given, not what you deserve”.

Recent examples of the above are demonstrations by the employees of TAMCC, the Grenada Development and Industrial Corporation and GRENLEC (recently resolved) – for increments and higher wages which remain outstanding for many years, while the cost of living keep rising with no indication by the government of reducing its negative impact especially on the poor and unemployed.  Without the statistics – I would venture an intelligent gestimate, that Grenadian workers are the lowest paid in the OECS region, without a minimum wage review for the last ten (10) years of NNP regressive governance.

The court ruling for paying gratuity and pension to teachers, public officers and other government employees has gravitated as a TOP PRIORITY on the NNP agenda.  Could this situation be the reason for the snap election?  A cursory analysis/examination of the situation reveals that if the NDC wins the election, it would have inherited the courts decision, but if the NNP wins, it would be in a “commanding” position to engage the unions in a lop-sided negotiation in favour of the government, which could be the beginning of a bitter engagement.

If this situation is not managed skillfully by the leaders of labour, it would be a sad day for our democracy – NOT only for the workers, but the groundings would be in place for a distasteful dictatorship. (Backward Never).

We have now reached the point where a comparison between the two major contending political parties are necessary – for voters information and enlightenment, as the day of reckoning approaches.

Let’s begin with the NNP under the leadership of the current prime minister for at least the last 15 years, while being an active NNP politician for the last 40 years or so.  The leadership of the NNP party in my view, first of all- is one that is greedy for power – (power hungry), with a get-rich-quick mentality, next in order is the pandering to his electoral base (his supporters) – not to the needs of the Grenadian populace – which gives the impression of an egocentric organization; not one in service- with a vision for uplifting and empowering WE THE PEOPLE.

After this length of time in office, the independence and sovereignty of our island nation have been whittled away, where Grenadians are gradually being reduced to 2nd class citizens in our own country, as foreign developers regard Grenada as a profitable piece of REAL ESTATE to exploit to the limit, as far as this inept administration will allow, which appear to be without consideration for the welfare of its local citizens (“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely)”.

While foreign CBI developers build 5 star hotels with the funds from the sale of our passports, the average Grenadian trying to start a small business or to build a small wooden shelter to protect them from the (natural) elements and to bring up their children in a respectable environment – are being pushed from pillar to post, in order to receive a measure of support from the so called institutions set up to assist; only to realize that they are wearing the wrong colour.

The myopia and victimization of the NNP government could be an article all by itself, but as space would not allow – a cursory look/examination of the NEW LOOK NDC becomes necessary, in comparison with the offerings of an outdated and corrupt political organization as documented above.

The New Look NDC party, in my view – is one of wise introspection where a new and “Untested” leader has emerged. To some this may appear to be a disadvantage, to others it could be a blessing in disguise.  The deportment and utterances of the new and youthful leader has begun to put the spotlight on the unstable foundations of the NNP house.  A political leader with a heart, and appears to be an honest broker, who does not intend to mamaguy the public with cheap political gymnastics to deceive the people – a man of integrity, and above all a man with a VISION for Grenada as we face the challenges of the 21st century.

All of the above is documented, as we contemplate A GOLDEN FUTURE IN THE MAKING – when we go to the pools on June 23rd, 2022 to cast our vote.  Let this occasion be the turning point for Grenada in the achievement of a Just, Equitable and Prosperous nation. This can be achieved by voting for your NDC candidate – whose symbol is the HEART in your respective constituency.  GOD BLESS and guide Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinque (Paradise regained).

Norris Mitchell

June 1st, 2022