It cannot be denied that the United States of America (USA) with all its institutional racism,
bigotry, conspiracy theory, police brutality, especially against black people – and other
malpractices, is still perhaps the most significant civilization on planet earth, as demonstrated
in the conduct of the November 3, 2020 election, when a new president was elected despite the
rantings of an egocentric in office.

The insurrection planned by Trump to-overthrow the democratically elected government on
January 6th 2021 by attempting to destroy the Capitol – the architectural symbol of America’s
democracy, has provided – according to the media, further proof that the rule of LAW has
prevailed, and the instigator has again – despite his elaborate machinations, has been denied
his delusions of grandeur in remaining a ONE TERM president.

The conduct of the USA November 3rd 2020 general election should be a lesson to 3rdworld
countries – like Grenada, with our own general election scheduled for the first half of 2023.
The Grenada constitution set forth the manner in which our election should be held, in order
to obtain the true wishes of who should govern WE THE PEOPLE. To accomplish this end, a
Chief Election Officer (CEO) is given full independence, and to operate outside the control or
influence of the prime minister or any other political operative, as rigorously demonstrated by
the constitutional powers of the governors and secretary of states in the USA.

Contrary to our constitution, what is taking place in Grenada today, is that the electoral
process has been hijacked by the prime minister, as the CEO takes instructions from the latter
while at the same time an important component of the electoral machinery (the hardware) is
housed in the P.M’s office, resulting in a compromised process (rigging) – in order to retain
political power. J.K. Robert’s newsletter of February 22, 2021 must therefore be given serious
consideration as it exposes the irregularities and voter predicament with the Voter
Identification Card (VIC) and the need to have one’s name on the list of registered voters – as a
means of confusing the electorate. This situation must be resolved expeditiously if the
remnants of our democracy is to be saved.

The situation is further aggregated by an official opposition (the NDC), with a popular support
of about 40% of the electorate, that is mute, except for the recent demonstration at La Sagesse,
which should be the norm rather than the exception, and does not appear to have the
constitutional gumption to challenge the incompetence, corruption and abuse of power by the
government as indicated by its silent intention to unobtrusively pauperize the workers of
Grenada by continuously breaking signed contract agreements and constitutional provisions
with public servants and teachers; resulting in a traumatized labour force and an electorate
which from all appearances, are denied a free and fair election – a formula for continued under
development and ingrained poverty.

Grenada is therefore between a ROCK and a HARD Place which is being exploited as shown
recently by a “caring government” to mark Grenada’s 47th Independence Anniversary by
distributing 50 hampers to senior citizens in Carriacou and 20 in Petite Martinique with the
image of the prime minister’s face on the wrapper, which per force (of necessity) would have to
be discarded as garbage at some stage; Our present and future therefore are not a pleasant
preoccupation, and begs the question – “Can Keith prevail”?
This therefore, is another clarion call to WE THE PEOPLE and more especially the YOUTH to
come to the rescue of our country from the evil of a black neocolonial government, and to
initiate with urgency the passing parade, in order to usher in a new dispensation which
empowers our people in an equitable and just society.

March 5, 2021
Norris Mitchell