Since its inception in 2002 – Individuals and Corporate citizens who were considered worthy of receiving awards, were selected by a panel of assessors within the Willie Redhead Foundation.

For the 7th award ceremony which would be held on Monday November 18th, 2019 the Willie Redhead Foundation has decided to open nominations to the public at large in order to deepen
the selection process and to give it a more national completion.

The award ceremony is held every two years which began in 2002, when the recipients were: Cathedral House, Jonas Brown & Hubbards G’da. Ltd and the Financial Complex Ltd who
received plaques, while Concept Marking, the Grenada Co-operative Bank, and the Carriacou Historical Society received Certificates of Merit.

In 2004, due to Hurricane Ivan there was no ceremony.
In 2006 plaques awards were given to the following: Jonas Brown & Hubbards (G’da) Ltd,
Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Life Insurance Co, Grenada Public Service Credit Union, while Certificates of Merit were given to the late Mr. George Brizan CBE, Mr. Michael Jessamy, Mr. Simon (Mandoo) Seales, and the Veni Vwai La Grenade Dance Company.

In 2008 plaque awards were given to the late Dr. & Mrs. James de Vere Pitt of the National
Museum, The River Antoine Distillery and the YWCA, while Certificates of Merit were given

to the late Mrs. Thelma Phillip MBE, (Aunty Tek), Ms. Sandra Ferguson and Dr. Valma
Jessamy. The last Patrimonial Award Ceremony (PAC) was held in 2016.

As can be seen from the above, awardees are selected not only for the conservation and
enhancement of the built heritage, but from a wide array of persons and institutions who have
in one way or another made valid contributions to the protection and preservation of both our
natural and cultural heritage.

On this occasion the public is requested to kindly join with us in the selection process as we
become more aware of the importance and significance of our heritage, not only for its intrinsic value but also for its educational and economic contribution to nation building and national
identity, as we seek to forge our Caribbean Civilization.

In order to participate in the process the following guidelines are provided:

Criteria and Procedures for selecting the Willie Redhead Foundation Patrimonial

(A)  Criteria

  1. The provision of significant services or other forms of assistance by the nominees
    to the Foundation, in pursuance of its objectives.
  2. Outstanding and consistent efforts by the nominees to maintain, and or restore the historic and architectural characteristics of their historic ambience of the area.
  3. Distinguishable activities by the nominees in any of the following area:-
  • Recovering and preserving significant historical artifacts.
  • Mobilizing or providing resources to restore or maintain historic
    sites and buildings.
  • Highlighting projects for the restoration, conservation and protection of Heritage sites and the natural environment.
  • Promotion of cultural heritage.

(B)  Procedures

  • Institutions, Business Firms, groups and Individuals may nominate and be
    nominated for awards.
  • All nominations must be submitted to the Willie Redhead Foundation to
    reach us by post or email by September 15th Our postal address is P.O
    Box 17 St. George’s – email .
  • Nominations will be considered by the Sub-Committee, after which a
    recommended list of awardees would be submitted to the Foundation’s
    Management for approval.
  • Previous awardees are eligible for nomination.

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A Willie Redhead Foundation – Presentation                                                                 July 12th, 2019