At the Museum, on Thursday May 9th, 2019, honoured guests and special invitees filled the auditorium in celebration of the launch of a heritage publication titled “The Pride of our Waterfront Heritage – The Renaissance of Urban St. George”, which marked the beginning of a year long programme to mark the Willie Redhead Foundation’s 25th anniversary.

After the invocation by the President – Rev. Mr. Samuel “Tim” Byam, the audience was given a treat by thirteen year old Mkendu DeGale who played the national anthem on pan in the presence of Her Excellency Dame Cecile La Grenade, Governor General of Grenada.

The Welcoming Remarks were given by Vice President – James Finlay, who greeted all present especially Her Excellency, Hon. Peter David, Dr. Angus Friday and Mrs. Roxie McLeish-Hutchinson – Permanent Secretary (Ag.) in the Ministry of Climate Resilience, the Environment, Forestry, Fisheries, Disaster Management and Information. Dr. Friday – Co-chair of the Blue Innovative Institute, who is tWRF co-ordinating partner presented a report on his involvement with the Foundation.

The feature address was given by Hon. Peter David, Parliamentary Representative for the Town of St. George. As a third time representative of our Capital City, the minister is well acquainted with the objective of the foundation as represented in its mantra – “The Willie Redhead Foundation for the conservation and renewal of the National Heritage of Grenada”.

In this regard the foundation has over the years paid particular attention to the accelerated deterioration of our Capital City, especially after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and the urgent need for its restoration and enhancement, not only for its intrinsic value and aesthetic charm, but more especially

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as an economic powerhouse in the Tourism Industry, if it is to become the first Climate Smart City in the Caribbean.

The minister’s speech drew attention to the balance which must be struck in order to satisfy

contenting interests for survival in a restrictive environment; this said the need for action by the relevant authorities is long overdue when one contemplates the physical state of York House, the Public Library, the Market Square and Fort George. tWRF is always ready to lend a helping hand in the pending transformation/renaissance of Urban St. George.

Complimentary copies of the Heritage Publication were presented to those, who over the years, have been friends to the Foundation and also to those who have made monetary contributions in the successful implementation of our projects.

All of the above was presided over by Host member – Ms. Jacqueline Lorice Pascal, who did a commendable job, and reminded invitees of the other upcoming events later in the year to which they would be invited, especially the film – “Island in the Sun” when St. George’s was still a pristine city .


A Willie Redhead Foundation Presentation                                                                       May14th, 2019