The Sentinel     tWRF at 25
the Willie Redhead Foundation (tWRF) takes this opportunity to inform the public that in celebration of its SILVER anniversary in 2019, to which the public would be invited, a number of activities

    will be held to mark the occasion as follows:
E?E??? IN COMMEMORATION of tWRF’s 25th ANNIVERSARY (1994 -2019)

  • Beyond the Headlines TV programme.
    Origin and work of the foundation from 1994 to 2019 and projection for the future.
  • Sentinel Article in the print and electronic media.
  • tWRF Website & Facebook:
  • TV advertisement.

The above tentative schedule of events, when finalized – would be made public, so that invitees would be notified well in advance.

A Willie Redhead Foundation Publication                                                    February 25th, 2019