In order to assist in identifying  some of the buildings, tWRF submits hereunder a list – as a prologue to the repairs and restoration initiative recently announced by the government.


The safety of the public can be described as endangered when the physical (natural), and manmade environment have eroded or deteriorated to such an extent, when it can negatively impact the human person(s) who live or perform their daily occupation within the affected area(s), resulting in serious accidents or even loss of lives. The abandoned building situation can also negatively contribute to the state of the nation’s health which provides breeding sites for the deadly ZIKA and other mosquito borne diseases.

For example:

1 – The rock face in front of the north entrance to the Sendal Tunnel in St George’s – recently stabilized.

2 – Mabuya Hill just before entering Gouyave from the South – need stabilizing.

Both of these are examples from the physical (natural) environment.

3 – The emphasis however is on the Safety of buildings and civil infrastructure in the towns of Grenada especially in St. George’s. Buildings which can be described as derelict, abandoned and or lack of (proper) maintenance resulting in structural deterioration and eventual physical collapse, are so catergorised.

Outstanding examples in the Town of St. George are:

  • 3 storey derelict concrete building adjoining the Police barracks on Melville Street.(without a roof) – needs restoring
  • Single storey brick private building at the junction of St. John’s and Halifax Street through which a tree is growing. – May have to be demolished.
  • York House, the former Parliament building on Church Street. Abandoned since Hurricane Ivan in 2004. – building
  • Private Board building at the junction of St. John’s and Grenville Streets – nearing collapse.
  • Private Wooden buildings at the southern end of Grenville Street where there was a fire about 2 weeks ago. Examples of Grenadian Vernacular – to be restored.
  • A portion of the balcony along Granby Street where HUGGINS Farm and Garden Store is located. – Private building – part of a group of major Georgian buildings around the Market Square.
  • Two storey brick private building on Halifax Street, previously occupied by L.A. Purcell. The 2nd floor was demolished a few years ago for Public Safety Should be restored.
  • The stone buildings around the Drill Yard on Young Street which was occupied by vagrants and resulted in a fire about 2to 3 years ago. – building, group of major Heritage buildings
  • The derelict and abandoned private building on the Carenage at the corner of Hughes Street, nearing collapse. – should be delomished
  • Derelict Hamilton Home on Lucas Street (Residents of vagrants) – Owned by a Trustee
  • Private house on St. John’s Street opposite the Day Care Centre. – needs major repairs
  • Collapsed private house on DePonthieu Street next to the Day Care Centre. – A safety and health hazard.
  • A partly completed block-wall house on Church Street without a roof, was/ is the office of a lawyer – next to the Gore Street steps opposite the Anglican Church. –need to be demolished.
  • Sedan chair porch private brick house, also on Church Street next to GTM Insurance Co. A tree is growing through the roof which has mostly collapsed, and is the home of rats and rodents. (A Safety and Health hazard) Need to be restored – Last authentic Sedan Chair Porch building.
  • The abandoned old Abattoir buildings on Melville Street (Historic structures which should be restored). The rock face behind the building could pose a public safety hazard.
  • An abandoned former lawyer’s office at the junction of St. John’s and Upper Church Street opposite the Cathedral (could be the home of vagrants and a fire hazard). Private Owner
  • Recent collapse of a concrete retaining wall along a public highway in St. Andrews killing one and injuring three. – Private Owner
  • Closure of the Govt. Public Library since 2011 due to unsafe working conditions and falling roof tiles onto the street posing a public safety hazard. – Urgent repairs needed.
  • Derelict Market Square Town Hall building. – building
  • Gooding Alley – property
  • The Freida Martin private House on Simmons Alley (partly collapsed – now the property of a prominent lawyer)
  • The disfigurement of the Market Square – property. – needs revisiting
  • Edinburgh House Young Street – Private Owner (needs restoration)
  • Former St. James Hotel and CID office – Building – nearing collapse.
  • Marine Villa – property – needs major repairs and refurbishment.
  • These are just some buildings and structures in St. George’s and elsewhere that can affect PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY.

Another area of PUBLIC SAFETY are the broken concrete sidewalks, broken concrete drain covers and pot holes in the roads, causing injury to the feet and other bodily harm.

PUBLIC SAFETY can be extended to include pavement and sidewalk vending, which makes it necessary for pedestrians to walk on the narrow roads dodging moving vehicles and becoming targets for road accidents, which could be fatal.

WHERE IS THE MINISTER FOR CULTURE & HERITAGE and the PARLIMENTARY REPRESENTATIVE for the Town of St. George in all of the above. The absence of LOCAL GOVERNMENT is a serious contributory factor in the declining scenario describe, which began at post independence in 1974.

A Willie Redhead Foundation Presentation                                                                   October 7, 2016