First off – the Sentinel would like to congratulate CARIB UPDATE WEEKLY for rejoining the weekly print media fraternity, after a noticeable absence of many months, and secondly your – “right off the bat” editorial of Dec. 3-9, 2015 – captioned “Eminent Domain law needed for revitalization”.

A recent Sentinel article in another print media, highlighted the travail and neglect of Urban St. George since the coming of independence in 1974 and the deterioration of our Capital City, with its profusion of derelict and abandoned buildings – once regarded by many as the GEM of the Caribbean.

Although the emphasis of your editorial was the revitalization of the Carenage, the Sentinel would like to proffer this recommendation to include the whole of historic St. George with perhaps the Carenage as a first phase in an urban revitalization project.

This recommendation appears to be in concert with your proposal that “A City Council should be reconstituted, either by ballot or appointment and given the sole responsibility to sanction any city developmental plans. That authority should not be given to the officials and politicians whose favors allow their preferred persons to build anything, anyhow, and anywhere they choose in violation of the building codes and zonal laws of the country”.

It is (quite) evident that almost 42 years after political independence the central government either does not have the capacity, the where-with-all or interest in the upkeep of our urban centers, the location of our built heritage, which is our most valuable national asset.

The Foundation has made the offer before and would continue to express our interest in the revitalization of our built heritage especially in our urban centres, should a City council be reconstituted. At present our most concerned interest is to get York House restored, Fort George become the premier tourist site, which it should be, and the repairs to our Public Library, a vital component in our education system and a hallmark of our sovereignty.

The Foundation takes this opportunity to send Christmas greetings and a happy New Year to all our well wishers, the media and our sponsors.