The Willie Redhead Foundation (tWRF) welcomes the announcement by the Vatican’s representative who visited Grenada recently, which stated that a large sum of grant funding has been allocated for various projects in Grenada.  Included, among many educational institutions and homes for senior citizens, is the Grenada Public Library.

The Public Library is listed on a tWRF priority list of heritage buildings in the town of St. George in need of restoration.  The tWRF started a campaign to raise funds by inviting pledges from the private sectors to assist in this regard.  Viewers to Meaningful Television Network (MTV) will recall a recent interview with a team from the Foundation articulating a 10% pledge for the Public Library’s restoration from a couple from Croatia interested in the build heritage of Grenada.

The Willie Redhead Foundation wishes to express its appreciation for the donated funds to all the projects listed by the Vatican and in particular for the funds to restore the Public Library.  The Foundation looks forward to working with the Government of Grenada and the Ministry of Education to restore the Public Library.

The current expression of tangible monetary assistance for the restoration of the Public Library has further ignited the passion of the tWRF to intensify its efforts to bring additional public awareness to other built heritage, for example, York House on Church Street, in need of urgent restoration in the town of St.  George.